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LEP Community Fund 2015


The principle of the fund is to leave a legacy from the BSF programme to both the community and schools across Wolverhampton.

The Fund will continue to link into the city's Corporate Plan in:

• Serving Wolverhampton
• Securing Prosperity
• Delivering Value

Having linked into the city's aims, in essence the fund's objective is to deliver greater community outcomes by promoting the health, fitness and well-being of the community and to up-skill individuals and enhance employability.

The fund is targeted at schemes which help develop community outcomes such as reducing drug and gang related crime, making localities safer and more attractive places to live and work, increasing educational attainment, improving partnership working with regeneration and neighbourhood initiatives, extension of ‘out of hours' activities, increasing opportunities and access to high quality and safe leisure and free time activities.

The maximum award will not normally exceed £10,000 and applications which support long term partnership working, and which can bring additional funding to enhance the project and its outcomes, will be given priority.

As at 30 November 2014 £73,551.00 has been awarded from the fund.

Recipients of Funding during 2014 were:

Central Youth Theatre who deliver high quality arts activities for young people across the city, and offer apprenticeships, starter level jobs to young graduates and work experience within the creative industries.

Partnerships & School Sports (PASS) who engage with young people of all ages and ability/disability through sport?.

KicFM who provide support, advice and guidance for young people through vocational, project based learning.

Diversity Celebration Committee who offer presentations of dance, drama and music from schools across the city.

Gloucester Street Community Centre who deliver learning programmes to the local communities across the city with the support of the City of Wolverhampton College and the Adult Education Service.

Bilston Town Community Football Club who wish to create a First aid and physio room for use by local teams and linking with local community for training initiatives.

Parkfield PRU's who wish to undertake a student visit to Turkey to enhance construction skills of disadvantaged children abroad.

TOPPS Training who require accreditation for membership of Wolverhampton Learning Platform to offer learning opportunities within the community.

Who is eligible to apply?

Local charities and non-profit making voluntary or community organisations and social enterprises.

Applications from such groups active within the City boundaries that can build partnerships with Wolverhampton Schools will be favoured.

If you are interested in applying for this community fund please email: for further information/application pack.

Closing date for receipt of applications 1st March 2015.


December 10th 2014

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