Going Beyond the Building

The vision of inspire is a LEP which goes beyond new school buildings and is able to make a difference to the lives of everyone in Wolverhampton. It will provide true partnership working between different organisations in the city based on openness, striving for successful delivery through collaboration and embracing innovation and challenges.

As well as rebuilding and refurbishing all of the city's schools serving secondary age pupils, inspire promises to deliver bold transformation in the way teaching and learning takes place, the further development of school sites and facilities for communities and significant investment in ICT.

This will be achieved through:

  • Partners working together
  • Helping schools to manage and deliver change themselves
  • Removing barriers to inclusion and achievement
  • Promotion of innovation in the curriculum
  • Making it easier for learners to progress through different stages of learning
  • Up skilling the workforce of tomorrow
  • Developing extended use programmes

In addition to transforming the schools and education of Wolverhampton’s secondary learners, inspire will reach beyond this, making a major contribution to the wider community by:

  • Providing employment and training opportunities where they are most needed
  • Supporting the local economy through our supply chain commitments
  • Providing support and facilities for communities and vulnerable groups
  • Providing a single clear relationship and single point of contact for Wolverhampton City Council


Absolute commitment to providing employment and training opportunities for the people of Wolverhampton