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How can your local secondary school do more to support the community?

have your say

Anwar, WV10

I would like to see the school my children go to hold regular open days for parents and the community to see what is happening in school.

Janet, WV4

I would like to see children using the school dining facilities to put on events for the elderly etc.

Lisa, WV6

I would like to use the computer facilities at my local school to help me learn.

Nicky, WV6

My local school can do more to support the community by offering a place where you can drop in get a coffee and jump on the internet.

Sarah, WV4

I think that my local school could make a real difference by offering young people something to do outside of school hours giving them somewhere to go rather than wandering the streets and causing a nuisance.

Darren, WV6

Host evening classes for local adult education lesson

Tina, WV11

By opening a canteen/café area at quiet times for coffee mornings for non-working mums/retired or semi-retired folk, however, this would also mean that the school's design allows for careful segregation of the public from the school's students?

James, WV1

Schools can do more by offering a facility where you could access other council services like delivery and collection of library books.

Colin, WV4

Make all weather sports pitches and sports halls available to local football/sports teams (junior & senior)