Sustainability is a theme which runs through everything inspire does. Our commitment to sustainable communities means we will always work towards ensuring individuals and businesses have the opportunity to realise their potential while always working to safeguard the environment.

The new schools will be exemplars of sustainable development, promoting reuse and recycling, showcasing energy management and improving environmental excellence and quality of life. All projects, at all stages, will consider sustainability with specialist input provided when needed.

Among the sustainable features in the new school facilities will be:

  • The creation of ‘green roofs’ which can be used to host wildlife as well as improving air quality and reducing heat loss
  • Materials produced using sustainable methods
  • High standards of insulation to reduce energy levels
  • Renewable energy generation
  • Use of natural light and ventilation
  • Sustainable draining
  • Protection of wildlife
  • Reuse or recycling of 70% of waste generated during the building work

Furthermore, the new schools will be a resource for young people of Wolverhampton to learn about sustainability in surroundings they can use as inspiration for the rest of their lives.


Designs that minimise energy use and carbon emissions through high insulation standards and renewable energy generation/use on site or low carbon energy supply